• Wide variety of product forms
  • Optimization of lubricity and demoulding properties
  • Stabilizing effect as acid scavenger
  • Optimization of production

Baerlocher has been one of the first companies in Europe, producing metal soaps on industrial basis and therefore has extensive know-how in formulation, manufacture and use of metal soaps.

Whether it is the production of modeling clay, pens, wires and tubes, paints and finish or the paper production – metal soaps are used for the optimization of production processes and the control of product quality in a broad range of industries.

Stationery and modeling clay:

Lubricant for pencil leads and modeling clay


Lubricant and release agent for pastel

Printing ink industry:

Swelling agent and pigment suspending agent

Metal industry:

Lubricant and release agent for powder metallurgy, wire drawing and tube drawing

Powder metallurgy:

Lubricant, release agent and dry-film lubricant


Matting agent and abrasive

Paper industry:

Lubricant and release agent for sandpaper, chelating agent for pigments

Textile auxiliaries industry:     

Dry impregnation and antistatic agent

Upon request, Baerlocher offers metallic and alkali stearates comprising a mixture of fatty acids in liquid and solid form, plus a variety of mixed metal soaps.

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Product forms

Metal soaps are available in a variety of physical forms, such as powder, flakes, and sprayed prills that are easy to disperse and free-flowing. Other forms include pastilles and granules.

  • T/SW Powder

    • small particles, high active surface area
    • good dispersability in final applications
    • good compatibility with powder blends
    • medium bulk density
  • AV Granules

    • free flowing

    • very low dust
    • good dispersability in polymers
    • easy to handle, accurate dosing
    • high bulk density
    • granular fractions selected to customer need
  • SP Sprayed Prills

    • very low dusting
    • absolutely free flowing granules, compatible with powder blends
    • very high bulk density
    • high feeding accuracy
  • SMS Flakes

    • absolute dust-free
    • suitable to be stored in silo
    • free flowing
    • durable, high abrasion resistance
    • improved industrial hygiene
  • TX Pastilles

    • absolute dust-free
    • suitable to be stored in silo
    • free flowing
    • durable, high abrasion resistance
    • improved industrial hygiene
  • AIB Fine to coarse particles

    • free-flowing
    • medium bulk density
    • excellent material handling
    • accurate Dosing
    • good dispersability in polymers



    SPA (Special Additives)
  • Building Industry

  • Grease and Oil

  • Further Applica­tions

  • Specialists in SPA