About Baerlocher do Brasil

Baerlocher is one of the leading global suppliers of additives to the PVC industry as well as one of the region's leading producers of fatty acids. With its leading role in the transition from conventional to Ca/Zn based stabilizers, Baerlocher is perfectly positioned in these segments. In the plastics field, Baerlocher offers additives to improve the quality in products such as flooring and coatings, as well as products for the automotive industry.

Located in the city of Americana, in the state of São Paulo, Baerlocher do Brasil produces stabilizers, lubricants and other additives for PVC, present in the markets of pipes  and fittings, profiles for doors and windows, sidings, wires and cables, accessories for the automotive industry, footwear, toys, household goods, construction, paints, coatings, general packaging etc.

Trade Names: Baeropan, Baerostab, Baerolub, Baerodur, Baerorapid, Baeropol, Ceasit (Calcium Stearate), Zincum (Zinc Stearate), Other Metal Stearates, Oleochemicals

Baerlocher do Brasil´s laboratory is equipped with an industrial size extruder, rheometers, calanders, atomic absorption, chromatographs, colorimeters, laser particle analyzer among other equipment of latest generation. This facilitates the development of new products and solutions.

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